Round-Up introduces future Kindergarteners and parents to schools

The first day of kindergarten can bring excitement, joy and tears for both parents and students. Alief’s Kindergarten Round-Up helps ease that transition with information, campus tours, and other ways to prepare your future kindergartener for school. Kindergarten Round-Up 2023 will be Thursday, April 13, at 5 PM on all Alief elementary campuses.

Children who will be five years old by September 1 are eligible for kindergarten. Families can complete VIP on-site enrollment for their new Alief students at the Round-Up, as well as tour their campuses, introduce their children to the schools with fun activities, attend a parent orientation meeting, and get all their beginning-school questions answered.

Mari Martinez, Alief’s Early Childhood Coordinator, says families can benefit in many ways from attending Kindergarten Round-Up.

“…They can visit the school, tour the classrooms, meet the teachers and administrators, and for incoming students to get a feel for what Kindergarten will be like,” she said. “They’ll be able to participate in hands-on activities, see the playground, practice how to get on a school bus.”

“Parents will also learn about the instructional content their children will be learning about in Kindergarten. They’ll see sample schedules, receive information about spirit shirts, uniforms, materials, and other important information.”

Online registration for new students for the 2023-2024 school year is available here:

New Student Registration

Nuevo Registro De Estudiante En Línea

Giới Thiệu Trực tuyến (New Student Registration)

The form is the same for students new to Alief ISD and for students who did not attend Alief schools in 2022-2023.

Martinez said it will be helpful if families have started the registration process before the Round-Up, but assistance will be provided during the event.

“They should also visit our website ( for additional information provided about our program, as well as registration information.”

Martinez emphasized that future Kindergarteners are part of the registration process. The classroom tours, introductions to teachers and administrators, and practices with buses and procedures will help reduce the tears on the first day of school in August.

“Parents should also bring their incoming kindergarteners with them so they have an opportunity to get to know the campus and the teachers,” she said.

To find your elementary campus, see the map with attendance zones at

Alief elementary campuses are:

Alexander Elementary School, 8500 Brookwulf, 77072, 281-983-8300

Best Elementary School, 10000 Centre Parkway, 77036, 713-988-6445

Boone Elementary School, 11400 Bissonnet, 77099, 281-983-8308

Bush Elementary School, 9730 Stroud, 77036, 713-272-3220

Chambers Elementary School, 10700 Carvel, 77072, 281-983-8313

Chancellor Elementary School, 4350 Boone, 77072, 281-983-8318

Collins Elementary School, 9829 Town Park, 77036, 713-272-3250

Cummings Elementary School, 10455 South Kirkwood, 77099, 281-983-8328

Hearne Elementary School, 13939 Rio Bonito, 77083, 281-983-8333,

Heflin Elementary School, 3303 Synott, 77082, 281-531-1144

Hicks Elementary School, 8520 Hemlock Hill, 77083, 281-983-8040

Holmquist Elementary School, 15040 Westpark, 77082, 281-988-3024

Horn Elementary School, 10734 Bissonnet, 77099, 281-988-3223

Kennedy Elementary School, 10200 Huntington Place, 77099, 281-983-8338

Landis Elementary School, 10255 Spice, 77072, 281-983-8343

Liestman Elementary School, 7610 Synott, 77083, 281-983-8348

Mahanay Elementary School, 13215 High Star, 77083, 281-983-8355

Martin Elementary School, 11718 Hendon, 77072, 281-983-8363

Outley Elementary School, 12355 Richmond, 77082, 281-584-0655

Petrosky Elementary School, 6703 Winkleman, 77083, 281-983-8366

Rees Elementary School, 16305 Kensley, 77082, 281-531-1444

Smith Elementary School, 11300 Stancliff, 77099, 281-983-8380

Sneed Elementary School, 9855 Pagewood Lane, 77042, 713-789-6979

Youens Elementary School, 12141 High Star, 77072, 281-983-8383

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